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Itentifix: Identifix is the automotive service, maintenance and repair industry’s largest and most reliable online and on demand database of continually updated, experience-based information for what breaks on vehicles and how to fix it.


Mitchell: Repair information software is at the core of an automotive repair shop’s software needs. Mitchell ProDemand delivers complete OEM repair information and real-world insights from expert auto repair technicians. ProDemand provides access to an ever growing database of professional auto repair information, and has powerful features like color wiring diagrams. Using ProDemand aids in diagnosis of vehicles and providing the best service for our clients.


Vehicle Integrity Manager: Integrity Manager predicts issues and brings them to attention using your actual driving pattern. When the customer brings in their vehicle for service, a technician takes note of items that need service down the road and the client gets a paper copy of the inspection and is set up for a reminder phone call or email about upcoming services such as oil changes or tire swapovers.