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Exhaust Systems

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A vehicles exhaust system is crucial to safety, comfort, performance, air pollution and sound. An exhaust system in need of repair can be detrimental to your health and your car's engine performance.

Backpressure is necessary to reduce engine sound levels. Replacement systems are designed to maintain an optimum level of backpressure and performance. The correct balance will assure that the vehicle will retain the same flow and sound characteristics as the original system.

Too much backpressure effects engine performance, decreases fuel mileage and causes engine cylinder head temperatures to rise, while not enough backpressure will increase both performance and noise levels.


Our technicians specialize in custom bending and high-performance exhaust systems. From import and domestic cars to light and heavy trucks, to RV?s and buses, we have an exhaust system to meet your needs.

We use only high quality exhaust products such as: IPC Replacement Exhaust, Goerlich's, Flow Pro, Flo-Pro, Silver Knight, MagnaFlow, FlowMaster, and Dynomax Performance Exhaust Systems… all manufactured in Canada and the US.

Common Problems

  • Excess noise
  • Rattling
  • Leaking Exhaust system
  • Damaged system
  • Broken or plugged converter

Scheduled Maintenance

System should be checked annually.