Engine Tune-Ups Edmonton

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Engine Tune-Ups

Auto manufacturers recommend that your vehicle’s engine tuning be checked at certain mileage intervals. Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose potential problems which include the following.

Common Problems

There are three basic reasons to perform a tune-up on your vehicle:

  1. To eliminate drivability problems such as: poor starting, surging, rough running, poor fuel economy
  2. To maintain the manufacture's warranty on your vehicle
  3. To reduce vehicle emissions

Scheduled Maintenance

Areas we will inspect which affect the running of your vehicle's engine:

  • Engine Mechanical Condition (Timing chain or belt, engine compression, and testing for head gasket leaks)
  • Ignition System (Spark plugs, secondary wires, coil, distributor cap, and rotor - if your car is so equipped)
  • Fuel System (Fuel injectors or carburetor, fuel pump, fuel filter, condition of the fuel tank and related lines)
  • Computer Control System
    There are sensors which relay current information about how your engine is performing and control actuators which help it run better.