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Shocks and Struts


Worn shocks and struts can allow excessive body roll when turning, which affects the vehicle's ability to safely steer around objects in the road.


Worn shocks and struts can allow too much weight transfer to the front wheels during braking, which could result in a measurable increase in stopping distance.


Worn shocks and struts can allow excessive roll, sway and bounce while the vehicle is in motion, which reduces the driver's control. 

Like most safety-critical chassis components, shocks and struts do wear out over the course of normal operation. The rate of wear depends on a wide range of variables, such as road and environmental conditions, your driving style and vehicle load.

In general, however, shocks and struts wear so gradually that the negative effects - reduced steering precision, stopping performance and/or vehicle stability - might not be easily recognized in normal driving conditions. In addition to these safety concerns, worn shocks and struts could negatively affect: 

  • passenger comfort
  • rate and pattern of tire wear
  • dynamic wheel alignment
  • brake life
  • durability of other chassis parts

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