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Fuel Injection System Flushing

Because the fuel injectors are in the combustion chamber, they are exposed to a great deal of contamination due to the combustion process.

Common Problems

Since you purchased your vehiclee; dirt, varnish and carbon deposits have been forming in the fuel system. These build-ups can rob your car of performance. If left untreated, these build ups may lead to costly engine repairs.

Our Fuel Injection System Flush is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle's fuel system, including injectors, and remove harmful carbon deposits. Our system utilizes a unique cleaning solution that will not damage your vehicle's sophisticated engine components.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Clean fuel injectors
  • Clean ISC/ASC motor
  • Clean throttle body air intake
  • Decarbonize intake & exhaust valves
  • Decarbonize intake manifold
  • Decarbonize combustion chamber and pistons