Scheduled Car Maintenance

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Manufacturer's Recommmended Scheduled Maintenance

The manufacturer of your vehicle has determined optimum maintenance times to service your vehicle so you can minimize costly breakdowns and maximize resale value.

Whether you're an individual or business owner, maintaining factory recommended service intervals for your vehicle(s) is absolutely vital.

The truth is, many of us only look at the owner's manual and service documentation when we first purchase a new vehicle. Even though we know it is important, many of us have neither the time nor the inclination to keep track of recommended service intervals for our vehicles.

Common Problems

As a consumer, you risk safety and break-downs by waiting until the "service vehicle" light turns on. As a fleet owner, improper maintenance could result in costly down time for your vehicles and staff.

Scheduled Maintenance

We offer Scheduled Maintenance Tracking, where we look after this for you. We determine what service should be done and when, and contact you (based on average monthly kilometers driven) to let you know it is time to arrange for routine maintenance for your vehicle. This way you can drive worry-free knowing you are being cared for by Tirecraft Auto and Exhaust's team of experts.