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Automatic Transmission Flush

The oils used in automatic transmissions and most power steering systems are subjected to extremes of pressure, heat and contamination, which, over time, will cause them to begin to oxidize and break down. The oil becomes thickened and many of its important abilities are significantly reduced, such as lubrication of moving parts, transfer of heat away from critical components and it's role in the hydraulic control system. The result of this oxidation and break down is reduced performance and service life of the very components the oil is intended to protect.

Common Problems

Conventional automatic transmission servicing which involves the removal of the oil pan and filter, and the oil it contains will leave up to 70% of the old contaminated oil in the body of the transmission, the torque converter and the transmission oil cooler. The new fluid that is added to the transmission (only about 30% of the total capacity) is immediately contaminated as soon as the engine is started.

The contaminated oil will also affect the smooth overall operation of the transmission as the friction modifier characteristics of the specified oil are altered by the thicker oxidized oil that is mixed with the new fluid.

Scheduled Maintenance

The only answer to prevent this undesirable contamination of the new oil is to thoroughly flush the transmission. To achieve this, a Transmission Power Flushing Machine should be used to ensure that all of the old contaminated oil is removed and replaced with new transmission fluid that is recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth shifts and avoid seal leaks.

Have us perform this service to add valuable life to your transmission and power steering system.