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Vehicle Inspections

When we inspects your vehicle, we road test it and monitor the following: ABS Light, Check Engine Light, Brake Pedal Feel, Brake & Wheel Noise, Pulsation, Vibration, Steering, Engine Operation and Noise, Transmission, Defroster, Wipers/Washer, Lights, Next Oil Change Due Date, Hoses, Belts, Air Filter, Fluids and Manufactures Recommended Maintenance.

The vehicle will then be lifted and a thorough inspection preformed on: Exhaust system, Front End, Suspension, Shocks, CV Boots/Joints, Tires and U-Joints. We then remove the wheels and inspect all of the Brake components. Additional inspections and diagnostics will be completed at your request.

When to Get an Inspection

Perhaps you are planning to buy or sell a pre-owned vehicle, or your present vehicle's warranty is about to expire. Or maybe you are simply planning a road trip.

Whatever the reason, a vehicle inspection is not only a preventative measure... it also provides added safety and peace-of-mind. Save time, trouble and money by letting Atlas inspect your vehicle. Some of the inspection process is done using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Additional Maintenance

The following tests are performed upon request for an extra cost:

  • engine oil analysis
  • compression test
  • timing belt inspection
  • leak detection testing and removal of full-floating axles

Why get a vehicle inspection?

Buying a Used Vehicle… You could save a lot of trouble and money by taking the time to get a used vehicle inspected before buying it. It can help you avoid buying a lemon as well as inform you of upcoming repairs. When you find a vehicle you're interested in, tell the salesperson you want to have it inspected. Call us to make an appointment or arrange for it online. NOTE: do not sign any sales agreement until the vehicle has been inspected and you are informed of the vehicle's overall condition.

Selling a Used Vehicle… If the buyer wants to get an inspection done, you'll be able to hand them a copy of our full inspection results, thereby saving both time and trouble.

Vehicle Warranty… If the factory warranty is about to expire, it is a good idea to get a complete inspection. This allows you to get any existing problems fixed while the vehicle is still under warranty.

Traveling… Getting a vehicle inspected before taking an extended trip can help prevent breakdowns. It's about safety and peace-of-mind.

Insurance Inspection… Many insurance companies require an insurance inspection before they will insure a vehicle 10 years and older.

A Buyers Inspection… You will receive a written report including: the general condition of the vehicle, existing defects and possible problem areas.

Engine Power Train and Safety Inspection... We will give your vehicle a full inspection which includes: engine performance, electrical system, exhaust system, starting and charging system, cooling system, brakes, steering system including constant-velocity (CV) joints. We even do a test drive. You will receive a report indicating the overall condition of the vehicle, alerting you to any defects and potential problems.

Out-of-Province Inspections… The Alberta government requires that before a vehicle, that has been registered in another province, may be licensed in Alberta, it must pass an Out Of Province Vehicle Inspection. In order to have the inspection completed the required Request For Inspection form will need to be picked up at any motor vehicle registry before hand.

Commercial Vehicle inspection… The Alberta Provincial Government requires that vehicle caring passengers for commercial purposes need to be inspected every 6 months. Tirecraft Auto and Exhaust is certified by Alberta Transportation to complete these inspections.